Designed to help plants to grow more, higher quality fruits and flowers

Liquid nutrition higher quality fruit and flowers

The product helps the crop to invest the energy and resources produced into the parts of the plant that are going to be harvested, especially fruits, roots and tubers rather than into shoot development. This improves yield and quality, and enables other fertilisers to support other parts of the plant more effectively.

With its specially balanced mixture of boron and molybdenum, Rainbow Wave encourages plants to use the sugars, amino acids and other important elements produced by mature leaves to support the growth of fruit, flowers and tubers and decreases apical dominance by inhibiting the growth of apical buds. This induces a more natural growth habit with shorter internodes, better root development, more shoots, flowers and fruits.

Rainbow Wave has quicker activity than conventional fertilisers improving colour, flowering, and sugar content of fruit and vegetable crops and it contains Boron and Molybdenum which are two of the seven essential micro-nutrients necessary for healthy crop growth in many crops including OSR, potatoes, vegetables, fruit etc.

Rainbow Wave can be applied foliarly or in fertigation and is compatible with NHCa Delta, NHK Delta, XStress, CalFlux, TipTop and other Bionature products.

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In top fruit and citrus, bigger and more uniform fruits, reducing flower and fruit thinning.

Improves colour and quality. Increases sugar content, reducing acidity in a moderated manner.

In potatoes, Rainbow Wave can increase production and tuber size as well as distribution, size, quantity and quality.

In strawberries, Rainbow Wave can improve colour, sugar content, homogeneity and production.

In vegetables, Rainbow Wave can improve yield, colour and uniformity. Rainbow Wave reduces fruit losses at fruit setting and improves flowering

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