Posted on 16th November 2018

Bionature setting farm records for winter wheat

Every grower knows that proper fertiliser can bring big improvements in the quality of their crops, but a year-long test of using Bionature’s smart liquid fertilisers for winter wheat has achieved unprecedented results-  a new record for the farm.


Bionature farmers are no stranger to using our range of products, but this year a bespoke combination of products was used to deliver a 120% return on investment with a 78.4% increase in head count.


Across three fields, our standard programme of smart liquid fertilisers was set against a control programme of fertilisers typically used by growers for winter wheat and a specially customised programme of our products.


The three fields were practically identical, all on the same farm, at the same time, almost the same size, and growing the same variety of sky scraper winter wheat – demonstrating the real difference that Bionature’s products can make.


The results

After measuring the results, the control programme produced 9.77t/ha with an average of 370 heads per m².


Our standard programme of smart liquid fertilisers for winter wheat, including NHK Delta and TipTop produced 10.54t/ha with an average of 430 heads per m² – a 16% increase in head count over the control field.


On the third field, the grower paid close attention to the specific needs of the crop at each stage of the growing cycle, even countering the extremely hot, dry summer with applications of X-Stress.


Using NHK Delta, TipTop, 1-4-All, CalFlux and X-Stress, with the same total quantity of fertiliser as used in the other fields, the field produced 12.19t/ha with an average of 660 heads per m² – This is a 78.4% increase of heads per m² over the control field!


This shows the real, measurable improvements that Bionature’s smart liquid fertilisers can make to winter wheat yields.


You can see the three programmes and other information about the study in the table below.


winter wheat trial 2018 data

Click to view as pdf.


Proper nutrition delivers real improvements

While our standard programme of two smart liquid fertilisers for winter wheat deliver excellent results, we encourage farmers to monitor their crop and apply other products as appropriate. We work with our growers to help them get the best results possible.


Our fertilisers are affordable and designed to to provide your crops with the nutrients they need to grow stronger, healthier and with higher quality yields. For a 1.86 ha field, as used in the trial, our standard programme cost the farmer just £88.75. The improved yield however meant that the return on investment was £138, making our products well worthwhile.


For the 1.84 ha field using the specially tailored programme, the products cost £197.75 but the crop fetched more than double that in return, with  a £435.60 return on investment.


If you’d like help getting the most from your winter wheat, contact our team.

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