Posted on 16th February 2018

Bionature helps farmers thrive in the most extreme weather conditions down under

Last year we sent our first shipment of smart liquid fertilisers to Australia. Now, after a successful first application in January, we’re sending out even more to help farmers grow stronger crops in some of the most extreme farming conditions on earth.

The Australian summer is extremely hot, with temperatures staying between 35 and 45°c during the day. To help the plants grow strong and healthy in those difficult conditions, our client needed our full range. Five pallets of NHK Delta,  NHCa Delta, XStres and Rainbow Wave left our distribution partner RASE Distribution in Lincolnshire this week for its 10,000-mile journey by sea freight and lorry. Once it arrives, it will applied to a crop of Rodeo – a variety of red potato.

Australia potato crop emerging using bionature fertiliser
As you can see in the photos, the landscape is very dry, and growing conditions are difficult with light sandy loam soil and high saline water, which will prove a good test for our products. Our Products are designed to help the plants withstand stressful environments, hold onto nutrients and grow to be of a consistently high quality, so despite the environmental challenges, the crops are doing well and they’re now at 90% emergence.

It’s exciting to see how much our products can help farmers in the most difficult of environments, and we’ll be be keeping a close eye on this crop.

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